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Mama's Boy
Urban - R&B/Soul/Pop
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November 19, 2010
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You’d said we’ll see And I know what that means You’ll be calling me later on Askin’ are we still on And I’ll be like What about your homies tonight Ain’t y’all rollin’ out I’m already lookin’ cute, but I got-ta make you sweat, cause I know you do Always trying to be on the move, see I’ve Learned how to deal with you That’s right you know, to always find your way home Baby you know, like I know Chorus: There’s no place you’d rather be than right here in my arms just like my baby I’ll keep you safe with me You know you a Mama’s boy (baby you know, like I know…) There’s no touch you’d rather feel than me on you, food to your soul, my love can heal… Ain’t it true that you a Mama’s boy. (Baby you know, like I know) You’d said we’ll see n*** I know that means You’ll be texting me on the low asking what I got on And I’ll be like, don’t worry bout what I got on, but wouldn’t you like to know Boy you so crazy, and always up something And I learned that if you roam, you’ll always find your way home Baby you know like I know, there’s (Chorus) And I know better giving you everything you want at the drop of a dime. And now you’re spoiled. But why would I deny you of my love, when you’re coming home to me Everything you need I’ll be So lay your head on my chest, see that our heart beats the same And when you lay down to rest, I’ll be there watching over you No one to blame, baby there’s shame And you know like I know Baby there’s no (Chorus) Say what ever you want to say I know you’ll be right here Mama’s Boy
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