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Chicken Ditty
Quick tempoed, whimsical rural Americana song. Piccolo, harmonica, 12-string guitar, banjo, and bass guitar round out the vocals.
Acoustic - Folk
Previous peak charts position #475
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #45
Candy Davis and Joel G. Aud
November 19, 2010
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128 kbps bitrate
3:45 minutes
Story behind the song
This jaunty song began with a peeping harmonica riff Joel was playing. It sounded like peeping baby chicks to me. The song practically wrote itself, as we each took turns writing a line. (The "rooster" at the end is gifted mimic, Joel!)
When I was but an itty bitty girl, I worked on the farm all day Come out with my daddy in the ol' farm truck and watched him put up hay. I helped my mama in the chicken yard when she went to gather eggs The cute little chickies, they'd peck at the feed and run around my legs. When I was just a little bit bigger, I worked on the farm all day One mean old banty rooster in the yard, I never could keep at bay! He'd puff out his wings and kick out his spurs, and right at me he'd fly And I'd run screamin' through the chicken yard, afraid that I would die! When I was almost a woman grown, I worked on the farm all day My daddy came to me one evenin' with somethin' he had to say: "Daughter, dear, hold your head up high; don't let bullies knock you down!/ "Take heed my words, take charge of your life, and don't be chased around!"/ Some guys, like banty roosters, think they can strut and rule the land But it didn't take much to pull his bluff with my hay hook in my hand! I ran through the yard with a bloodcurdling yell and swung it o'er my head/ That mean young banty backed up my lane, afraid I'd knock him dead! The years have passed by--my work is done--and now that I've grown old.../ Through soft times and hard, just like my dad, I've lived life brave and bold./ Looked back on my deeds with a sense of pride--been a long time since I ran . . . I take out a fork, turn those golden-brown chicken pieces frying in the pan!