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Edge and echo filled. A song about my war with drugs and living as a teenager.
Rock - Goth Rock
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Andie Hall
March 11, 2004
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Story behind the song
Writen in a coffee shop the day before my show... it was my favorite hang out and it got closed down. It's about just ordinary teenage anger and me personal war with drugs.
Sleepless, drowsy menacing words. T.V. Blasting out of control. 4 a.m. again, I see four twice a day and I'm blind to my own reality. Oh, everything is so meaningless. Nothing is okay today. Tomorrow I will say Goodbye to endless yesterdays. Shock, dysfunction falling unto this earth. You're foolish for taking me for less than I'm worth. Oh, I'm pouring out the extra layers, and revealing my inner-most thoughts and emotions. Numb to insolence, crumbling down. Spears and arrows flaming. Oh, it's hard to see past the chamomille and raspberry coffee. Oh, electric impulses, gripping danger, nothing is okay today. But I'll reinact my thoughts like endless yesterdays. Poor excuses for you and jolted flesh, seeping through like a drug. Oh, inhale, exhale, oh it's still inside of me. This emptiness, this emptiness prevails. Psychotic impulses arrising. Ginger tea and spice. Oh, fornication's never been my sweet dessert, I'm blind to the commercial. Oh, fifteen minutes until self-destruct. Nothing is alright today. Today will only become tomorrows yesterday. All the human life one must sacrifice. Baby, take a drink and roll the dice. Intertwining all those thoughts and emotions turning this world over convection. Pulsating memories, cast away the truth. Happiness is the secret to eternal youth. Oh, inhale, exhale, nothing has changed, this emptiness, this emptiness remains...
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