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Memory Lane XI; The Inauguration As It Wasn't Pt.3
Track 19
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Electronic - Industrial
Mischa Newman
Mischa Newman
November 15, 2010
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Story behind the song
As his paranoia begins to grow unbearable and claustrophobia sets in, the pair finally emerge to the central arena; the setting for Azrael's ascension. While his claustrophobia dissipates, his paranoia grows tenfold as he looks up to witness this most "holy" of places. Gone is the metal of the outside, not a hint of rust nor iron, nor metals of any kind. Instead is a room of the whitest marble; effigies of Angels and Demons set about the room locked in an everlasting struggle. Above sat yet more angels, witnessing the death and destruction below. As he stared, the angels changed... their faces twitched and contorted between the wrath of their God and fearful subservience. Blood streaked their faces one moment, then disappeared the next, and all the while a hymn played in the back of Azraels mind. This was all wrong.