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Struck it right this time
Somewhat optimistic folkrock tune :-) Maybe some things actually might work out?
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
Previous peak charts position #243
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #40
Huw Williams
November 19, 2010
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4:58 minutes
Out in the desert in the heat and dust Old man is searching, looking for the big one He doesn't listen to a thing he's been told he's digging and drilling for that old black gold You tell him that he's crazy, he'll never find a thing But you wouldn't know when you hear him sing CH "I don't worry; I don't mind Cause I know I struck it right this time" Midnight is coming and the party is light everyone waiting patiently for midnight She's had a year full of real hard times Say's it's going to vanish with the "Auld Lang Syne" Say's she'll find Love, Say's she'll have it all But the higher you fly the harder when you fall Quicker than a river running into the sea Everyone is running but he can run faster This time he knows he has the rhythm that it takes and every step is bringing him closer to the tape But anything can happen, things can go wrong one minute you're up and the next you're gone Note after note and chord after a chord there has to be a melody hidden in here somewhere Every kind of harmony and tone has been scored Seems like I'm searching for that old lost chord Maybe you can find it, maybe you can see Well here's that you have better luck than me ch & repeat
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