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You're My All
This is my favorite song of them all (at least right now). It tells a story of love that just rings true to me. Thanks so much to my friend John in Scotland for this lyric.
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John Paragreen / Ian Ferrin
2010 Paragreen and Ferrin
December 13, 2010
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You're My All... I could sing a hundred love songs To place my heart in your view Then recite a thousand poems To reveal my love for you. But I know I'd sing out of tune And forget which words to say I'd only be tempting you To laugh and look away. Beyond the rainbow, of music and poetry These words echo, from deep within me. chorus You're my all All I need, all I desire You're my all All I want, all I require, You push me when I stall And catch me when I fall More than I believe And the air I breathe You're my all You're my all. Your touch is the all the treasure That I could ever, wish to find, Your smile is all the universe In eye of my mind, Winds of change will always blow But I know, with all of my heart Nothing can break our love Or make us drift apart. I'll do all I can, as I live and breathe To be all the man, you will ever need. Repeat Chorus x2 Photo by Michael Gil - Used by permission (CC License) - Thanks! http://www.flickr.com/photos/msvg/4945961426/ Copyright 2010 Paragreen and Ferrin
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