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Memory Lane IX; The Inauguration As It Wasn't Pt.1
Track 17
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Electronic - Industrial
Mischa Newman
Mischa Newman
November 12, 2010
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Story behind the song
Twisting and turning in his sleep, his mind returns to the now-blended past of his inauguration into the militant order of the St. Michaels Guard. Led from the theatre, a darkly radiant Bezaleel leads young Azrael to the heart of the 7th Citadel; The Chapel of St. Michael Ascendant for his ritual inauguration into the order. They travel through twisted alleys of machine and flesh, images of the Lord God watching down through the noxious gas of industry over his people, marble statuettes of Angels watching their every move. This section of the Citadel had always made Azrael extremely happy... something he did not now feel, revisiting this distorted section of his past.