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Memory Lane VII; Bezaleel
Track 14
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Electronic - Industrial
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Mischa Newman
Mischa Newman
November 10, 2010
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Story behind the song
As the blood-soaked child makes his way down to the entrance, all manner of politicians, warriors and prophets join the masked man. When Azrael arrives, the man removes his mask, revealing a surprisingly youthful face plastered with tattoos of his God, and thanks Azrael. This is Bezaleel, commander and lord of the St. Michaels Guard, and they are all in Azrael's debt. Were it not for him, he tells Azrael, they would at that moment have instead been mourning the ignominious demise of their own, fallen to a bullet of heresy. A cheer resounds around the chamber, and a smile creeps onto the boys face, still somewhat unsure of exactly what he had done...