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Battle Anybody!
Guess who's back after a week and a half/with a very hot battle track to release on your ass.
Single - $0.25
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #463
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #234
Rezenebe Nhoj
April 20, 2004
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128 kbps bitrate
3:25 minutes
Story behind the song
4 all the haters on my message board
Battle Anybody I’ll put my right hand on a bible b You don’t want a rivalry I’ll beat your ass so bad you would swear that there was five of me No emcee’s surviving me in death you ain’t as live as me I risk my reputation every time I let you ride with me So ease back and recognize this nigga E’s back I’ll punch you in your face and break your muthafuckin knee cap Your “she” rap is nada, my “g” rap is hotter I hope you tell the cops I made you eat crap and shot ya You’re the wack hip hopper, I’m the black Sinatra Changing niggas lives like when P met Big Poppa Work like D at the “chopper”, I do what I gotta do Never killed a nigga but I muthafuckin shot a few Damn right I ain’t as hot as you cause you ain’t hot at all I’ll teach you how to rap in three words “NOT AT ALL” I got it all and I’m give it you violently And help your ass become the muthafucka that you die to be You never should have tried the E, too much for you to handle Cause I spit bricks that make you lose teeth by the handful I wish I had a list of cliques with beef that I ran through That I could duplicate hit the streets and fuckin hand you To help you understand boo, don’t fox wit me I’ll knock you out your muthafuckin Reebok sissy Leave your underwear, long johns, and knee socks pissy Plus I got a clique to fill three blocks quickly That won’t hesitate to set it off and beat cops silly Chorus x2 I’ll battle anybody, anyplace, anywhere Any language, any style, any subject I don’t care We can battle for stones illegal, precious, or rare Or we can do it for pride right now and right here You verses me homeboy that’s a no, no I’ll beat your ass so fast you would swear that it was slow mo I know in seven years you’ll tell your dad you’re a homo Admit you suck more dick than the whole Nevada hoe stroll Oh no, you don’t belong with the Rez You belong in Mickie Dees in the back scraping cheese Guaranteed to gag and wheeze before I let you off your knees When it comes to written battles I don’t think you really want it Cause I treat rap like its jail and you were laying on your stomach And I’m just having fun kid while you’re looking crooked b You wanna sell drugs, spit rhymes, and be a crook like me I thought your moms was lying I admit it, son you look like me Too bad you ain’t got hooks like me, uppercuts and punch lines But I’m a hook you up with a job on a lunch line So you won’t get offended when I eat your shit at crunch time Cause my styles tighter than ant pussy Chorus x2 Rezenebe Nhoj Mr. Hustle and Indulge in Exotica Dros
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