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A balls on metal march!
Metal - Heavy Metal
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February 26, 2004
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Story behind the song
Mark'll tell ya ..he says no i think you should sing greg ,i said are you kidding? Your voice is perfect for this tune....what did i tell ya..he kicks on this song.
You ever had to surrender yourself Forget about your job and your health You ever have uncontrol of your mind Don't kid youself this is your last time Sure nice to meet ya ,so it went on One drink too many baby..shoulda been long gone I had this feeling ,it wasn't my kind Another case of the wrong place at the wrong time When it came to you I had no self defense Me and you we had no permanence You had these things that you wanted me to... You pulled me under and I gave 'em to you My heart was racin' I was fighting for air One more bite baby I don't care You came to me it was late one night I had to fill your hungry love appetite You'll surrender Its coming this way Now or never You'll look for the day You'll surrender I'm talkin' to you Now or never Your pullin' me through And it's draggin' me down And it's pullin' me under Under full under sky Under me under you wonder me wonder why