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Time Has Come
Lyrics by David James and Thomas PayneMusic by David James and Thomas PayneProduced by Jackie Cook (Song Cellar Productions, Nashville)Vocals by Tim BuppertUnpublished Work ? 2003 - David James, Thomas Payne. All Rights Reserved.
Country - Alternative Country
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David James/Thomas Payne
David James/Thomas Payne
August 03, 2008
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Story behind the song
Our environment has suffered due to the actions of people. Hopefully, this song will make people realize that there are consequences for our actions.
Time Has Come Clean air, blue sky; will they be here when I die? Tall trees, white snow; will they be here when I go? I look up, I look down; pollution in the air, pollution on the ground I look left, I look right; There?s no relief in sight Chorus Time has come; to make a plan Time has come; to take a stand Time has come; time has come How long does it take; before we admit we made a mistake? Listen now, can?t you hear; what the earth is screaming in your ear? Sometimes I feel sad, and other times it makes me so mad Don?t you know; it?s not too late? Come on now my friends; don?t hesitate Chorus Bridge: Ticking like a time bomb Ready to blow We're running out of time Or didn't you know? We've come a long way Much longer for some Now the time has come! Look around, what do you see; factories and industry Corporate greed running wild; what am I going to tell my child? Look at us, what have we done; now everybody is on the run Come on now, don?t run away; voices in unison have a say Chorus Oh, we?ve got to take a stand.
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