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The Other Side of Standing Still
The Past is just a story we tell ourselves each night
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Country - Americana
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Chapman James, Ted Whittington & Robin Stewart
2010 Polhemusic
June 14, 2016
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2:59 minutes
Story behind the song
Dear Hearts & Darlings had to be put in a song... it was a dare:)
What am I waiting for? Standing here all my life... If I just get moving I'll see what's on the other side. Lined up all in a row Waiting there just like me Dearhearts and Darlings pacing Looking for something to believe... [BRIDGE] The soul will sing The time is now The waiting's all but done The past is just a story We tell ourselves each night Before we go to sleep That we might Remember on waking What are we waiting for? Dearhearts and Darlings, all of our lives... If we just get moving We'll see what's on the other side. copyright 10/20/2010 Polhemusic
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