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This Life ft. Cayoz (Produced by Adamack)
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Song about life featuring Cayoz.. Beat produced by Adamack of Shadowville Productions.. Get more bangers @ www.shadowvill.com
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Lyrics: Strife & Cayoz - Beat: Adamack
October 17, 2010
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[Verse 1 - Strife Divine] My inception cries for direction, My dreams are fueled by the lies of perfection, Whats the connection using eyes for perception, My recollection defies my reflection, I'm not here, disappearing like a whisp of smoke, Then reappear in the mirror like a freakin ghost, You can't catch me with rhyme cuz I spit the most, I travel at the speed of light untill hit the coast, Theres nothing more in this world that can hold me back! Except my skin tone yo if I was only black, I get hated on like, "Strife? Oh, yo he wack!" "He's not real, he only spits that phony crap!" But thier not seeing the struggle deep within, How I use this pen and pad to relieve some sin! On the way to the top so stop, let me begin, If I had to live this life twice I wont do it again, [Chorus] This life, is not what it seems, These fools scheme to put a stop to our dreams, Monotonous we're programmed like machines, Thinking its fate, when theres someone behind the scenes,x2 [Verse 2 - Cayoz] This is the prespective of a kid barely out his teens Well aquainted with all the ills of which this life brings // Much death ive seen makin my eyes stream Been to more funerals then christenings why me // Its like deaths by me planning acts of asphyxiation Heres some food for thought to better get what im explaining // My cousins been shot over gang affiliation While my great aunts been slain due to gang innitiation // Hows that for vindication of a pissy situation? Well if you think thats bad its just an indication // My homie lost his moms to who i show veneration Got shot a few times then almost got incinerated // His pops the culprit in a weird twist of fate kid Now he serving life down south incarcerated // Some say life is hard some say its sacred But that depends on what you been through feel what im saying? // [Chorus] This life, is not what it seems, these fools scheme to put a stop to our dreams, monotonous we're programmed like machines, thinking its fate, when theres someone behind the scenes,x4
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