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Cavefolk takes place in the the Stone Age
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Electronic - Big Beat
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Robert Samuels
September 08, 2018
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cavefolk were slaves to the dinosaur marshmallows got toasted from their fire roar throwing down barrels like donkey kong until they were gone and i could go home the goddess of the rain making witches brew to poison the snakes and walk through the smoke so I can go home I want to go home CH: and i love my freedom (under your gun) im happy like the hands on the nuclear bomb like the disease that eats the bone like the hands begging for a crumb cavefolk communicated with their bark the world was just a block apart they hid the grass in my fro' followed the trail of bazooka joe to take me here take me here the leaves changed seasons many froze i shot the coconuts down with my bow and arrow to work for the oranges? i rather suck the dinosaurs tale im not talking to the tv anymore the fbi is after me im laying low i lost my confidence and i ran home i can always touch you from the key hole CH: because there is no rain only sunny starvation because there is no rain the ground is starving