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Respect the Architect
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Demo with George on guitar and vocal, and Joe on everything else. An extended DPL version is in the works. Stay tuned.
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Rock - Progressive Rock
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George Potor
September 19, 2010
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Story behind the song
The bogus "mosque-at-ground-zero" controversy got me thinking about (and researching) the physical and human geography of Manhattan Island. I discovered and was inspired by The Mannahatta Project. (Look it up, it's way cool.) The resulting lyrics comprise snapshots of the island at three different moments in time. First, we overhear the conversations on New Yorkers in September, 2010. Next we journey back to September, 1609 as Henry Hudson arrives and interacts with the Leni Lenape then living on the island. Finally, we look ahead to September, 2409 and find a community that utilizes the physical geography of this diverse island to its full advantage. Throughout, I'm exploring the concept of transitional spaces in a place that's seen plenty of transitions.
1 So much new construction; barely recognize the place. Neighborhood is changing; not one familiar face. Up and down the Avenue they're bringing in the cranes; Somethin' they been dumpin' must be blocking up the drains. When did they raise those archways? I wonder who painted that wall. Twice as many windows as crawlspace, I recall Chorus Look for an open door; walk through the underground. Respect the architect; don't tear the building down. It's not buildings they fight, it's just people inside. 2 On September Twelfth, Sixteen Hundred Nine, Early afternoon when the Half Moon arrives, Twenty-eight canoes paddle out into the Bay Hungry Europeans hope they'll have some food to trade. Leni Lenape harvest, Summer Mannahatta maize, Upon a Three Sisters garden They gaze. Chorus 3 Two Four Oh Nine, power up the Grid; Turbines turning with the tide, towers for the wind. Cooling tunnels underground, farming on the roof, Windows filled with solar cells; sun is shining through. The water that surrounds this island; A blessing and a curse, they say. A fence to keep 'em out, a gate to let 'em in; Guess it can work both ways... Chorus