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4 - Slave New World
Another Sepultura song. Fast, Agressive, groovy, heavy, and may destroy your ears like a machine gun. The best perfomance of Well so far, in my opinion.
Metal - Cover Songs
Previous peak charts position #366
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #25
September 12, 2010
MP3 2.8 MB
128 kbps bitrate
3:01 minutes
Story behind the song
Well, as a huge fan of Sepultura wanted to sing an old song from this band. As I am very poser, I didn't know very well the old times of Sepultura, so I had to hear the song, learn the riffs, but thankfully, it wasn't so hard as I expected. It was very fun to play this song, actually. The man on the phone in the intro of this song, was a hero, who defied the manipulation of the media. We had to put this man on the album because of the beautiful message he said there, so the intro of the song was perfect to start the song with a strong message.
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