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Take Me Back to the 'Sixties
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Country - Bluegrass
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J. Wrabek
September 12, 2010
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[4/4, brightly] TAKE ME BACK TO THE 'SIXTIES --J. Wrabek 1. Ev'ry time they crash a plane into a building, Or start taking potshots from the roof, It makes a fellow hunger for those days when we were younger And didn' have to take our guns to school... CHORUS: O Lord, take me back to the 'Sixties; Those were the best times I had; They had better drugs, and we gave each other hugs, We were gonna get world peace, and the music wasn't bad. 2. We couldn't die except in Southeast Asia, We always had credit at the store; We didn't need protection, or no Internet connection And we knew if we made love enough, we'd put an end to war... CHORUS 3. We could walk almost anywhere and not get mugged or raped, And we all could duck and cover when the Russians bombed the place; Gas was just a quarter, and Mom was always home, And we didn't have computers that called you on the phone... CHORUS BRIDGE [same chords as verse, but sung different]: We had Beatles, we had Turtles, we had Zombies, we had Stones, And we played their little records till our record players broke, And if you played guitar, all the girls would take you home, And y'didn't have to go to Heaven to get on the radio... CHORUS REPEAT LAST LINE OF CHORUS TO END (c) 2010 J. Wrabek dba Outside Services Ltd. All the usual rights reserved just in case.