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The Promise Kept
Written for Mikes sister on the occasion of her 40th wedding anniversary, it is a living testimony to the bonds and strength of relationships built on the solid rocks of commitment, trust and love.
Acoustic - Folk
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Mike Stout
Mike Stout 2010
September 08, 2010
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THE PROMISE KEPT You promised me, with all your heart, My love to be, you’d never part. To have and to hold through all of life’s stages As we both grow old, down through the ages. And after 40 years, Through all the trials and tears we wept, Your words I hear, so crystal clear - Every promise you made was kept. You promised me, to be my best friend; We’d be a team, down to the end. And when your job took you away, You called and talked to me every day. And I never had to doubt, I can say without regrets; After 40 now, I found out - Every promise you made was kept. You promised me that special car. We’d ride the breeze beneath the stars. We’d travel the world, see it together. Our love would unfurl, always get better. And after 40 it’s a fact, I can look back at every step. I see the proof, you told the truth - Every promise you made was kept. You promised me, when we were young, I’d always be your special one. Like roots of a tree, strong from the start, Our love would be till death do us part. After fourteen-thousand days, Four children raised and gone; Because of you, my dreams came true – Every promise you made lives on. Words & Music by: Mike Stout September, 2009