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'Hear The Earth Sing'/W Diane Gee and Bob Pompei
'Hear The Earth Sing' © 2010 Nadia Cripps (music, piano), Diane Gee (lyrics, lead vocal) and Bob Pompei (bass, violin, background vocals). Photo Copyright © Diane Gee
Pop - Adult Contemporary
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Nadia Cripps, Diane Gee and Bob Pompei
2010 by Nadia Cripps, Diane Gee and Bob Pompei
September 07, 2010
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2:04 minutes
Story behind the song
Some time ago I've submitted my piano piece and Diane kindly agreed to collaborate with me. It came as an amazing surprise when Diane sent me her absolutely magic lyrics and vocals and the surprise grew even more when Diane told me that there is another version with Bob. So, here is our song. I hope you enjoy it :)
HEAR THE EARTH SING © 2010 music/piano - Nadia Cripps (musicsongwriter) lyrics/lead vocal - Diane Gee (geediane) bass/violin/bgv - Bob Pompei (grumpharmony) I humbly thank you, it's all I have to give to you Your love and grace carry me through there are times my soul is weak so I fall upon my knees where I wait for Your Spirit to move me CHORUS Then I hear the Earth start to sing I see Your glory around me as a bird takes wing Your peace surrounds me and I can't remember why I felt so blue I feel You, and I thank You Wonderful, Joyful, Let Your gladness ring! CH (above)
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