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1 - Mae Xica Intro
The opening track from Alcatrox debut album, featuring some random baianas singing random stuff, we can't understand.
Metal - Heavy Metal
Charts #952 in subgenre today (peak #37)
Previous peak charts position #97
Max Cavalera and the baianas, I guess...
September 06, 2010
MP3 1.7 MB
128 kbps bitrate
1:48 minutes
Story behind the song
I was doing nothing, listening to Soulfly stuff, and then I figured out these people singing from nowhere at the end of the song "Karmageddon", from Soulfly's first album. I was like "What the... I must show this to the guys!" And then, I showed this part to Well and Augusto, and they agreed to put this somewhere on the album, but the problem was that there was no place to put this on the album at the time, and we decided to keep this as a opening to our album, so when the listener pushes the "play" button, automatically, he will know that he will not find anything serious on this album.
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