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Jam9 From Inner Space
Experiment into 'Guitar Hero' status ... lol!
Rock - Instrumental Rock
Previous peak charts position #73
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #19
R.E.A. (USA)
Sept 2008 (self)
September 06, 2010
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Story behind the song
9/10/2008 - This is a brand spanking new tune. I hadn't played my guitar for over 2 weeks, sat down and this riff (the main one in the background thru-out) pops out. I have used looping on this tune...mainly to be able to jam on a lead riff. The main riff that goes on and on and the drums are looped, but the lead is played without. Take another simple melody and drive it into the ground. I also had this effect called 'Guitar Hero' ... so I thought I'd see if I could use it somewhere and not sound totally out there. The name came about in a odd way. When I had recorded the looped part of the guitar, I saved the file as Jam9-4-08, and upon opening it later, all I saw of the file name was ...Jam9... and what came to mind was that goofy sci-fi from yrs ago ... a cult classic ... 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'. But what came out was the title 'Jam9 From Inner Space' ... because it came from inside me. DADGAD tuning on the guitars. 2 guitar parts ... one looped, the other lead and programmed drums.