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Union County
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Bittersweet midtempo independence-themed Southern Rock story-song.
Rock - Southern Rock
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Capers Simmons
August 27, 2010
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a01CUnion Countya01D © 2009 Capers Simmons (ASCAP) VERSE I On the bad side of the tracks where the whitetrash stays, There's a Motorcycle Boy on his bike And he's looking for a sign. He's praying to the pavement, a01CCome and take me away. Can you hear me, Mister Double-Yellow Line? 'Cause I don'ta014I don't have time. I've got to see her tonight.a01D PRECHORUS I A beautiful girl in a lonely streetlight, A black-dark trailer park drive. His engine roars as he races to be with her And steal her into the night CHORUS They're going ninety miles an hour, trying hard to prove That Ferdinand Magellan was a doggone fool. If the world was round, instead of pancake flat, How could people leave town and never come back? For the Motorcycle Boy and the Mobile-Home Girl The Union county line is the end of the world; Gonna fall from the edge, ride through Heaven and Hell, Leaving it all behind The Union county line. VERSE II Her Momma makes it back from her late-shift job, Finds a handwritten letter on the gate. Saying, a01CMomma, please don't be scared. Me and the Motorcycle Boy, we'll make a brand new start Somewhere the pay the is good and all the roads are paved. And you know that I still care, But I've got to take this dare.a01D PRECHORUS II It's a wild goose chase, a one-in-a-million Gas-station lottery card, They're gonna see the world, or try and fail, Either way, they're gone. ~ CHORUS ~ PRECHORUS III It's the same old song, it's the usual suspects A lovestruck boy and girl Whether wrong or right, they are gone tonight Aching for the end of the world ~ CHORUS ~
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