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Frigid Waters
On our debut album, "Papa String Band", available at: www.papastringband.com
Rock - Psychedelic Rock
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Will Smith/Brett Mello
August 26, 2010
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5:20 minutes
Story behind the song
One of very few collaborations with keyboardist, Will Smith and guitarist, Brett Mello, this song portrays the wonder and grace of the world around us.
Mountains seem to climb the sky, through frigid clouds of snow and ice, and rain. Gazing through a corridor of ageless trees, with leaves, no more, a tranquil, sweet breeze Dump me in this frigid winter's water, and let the sea below take me away. The space between the earth and moon, as altitudes reach higher tune, they swoon. A spiteful turn begins to swell, the mercury's already fell below, all we know Caress my eyes with painted skies and wonder, and watch my worries wither away. My king of the mountain cry, it echoes the whole world wide. I've never climbed so high. Up and down the mountain pass, we see the water's edge at last, it glows, beneath the toes. The glaciers seem to slip away, as heat waves form a new delay, we sink down in the snow. Lift me in the loving arms of our mother, and let me take on her embrace. My ceiling is the sky, where the summit can be my pride. I can watch the sunshine die. My king of the mountain cry I've never climed so high