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Drowning In Sorrow ft. Slantize
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My first Official collab with the CEO of Shadowville Productions, SLANTIZE.. Beat produced by Sinima of Shadowville Productions.. Get more bangers @ www.shadowville.com
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Strife Divine & Slantize
August 24, 2010
MP3 3.4 MB, 128 kbps, 3:43
Story behind the song
Depressing song about love..
(verse 1) I sit alone, locked away, cold in a dark room, heart frozen, life broken, hopen it starts soon! so much pain, I feel more dead then alive, can't explain, what was said is implied, you reply, “please don't walk out of that door.” but I have tried, to give you my love and so much more, and what for? just to have it thrown away, trampled on and tossed aside, it has gone astray, but its ok, we live to breathe another day hearts mend, we move foward and see another way, its ashame we grew apart, but for awhile you been distant, feeding me the same story but your lie was inconsistent, There was holes in your alabi and you can't deny, that when you talk to me you can't even look me in the eye! And I have cried, so many tears that I have dried up, tired of all the lies with eyes so wide shut! [chorus]x2 slippin beneath the surface, my sorrow is a lake, feeling so sick and worthless, You've borrowed a mistake, life keeps moving on, yes its powered by our fate, but the way that you hurt me, has flowered into hate, (verse 2) We used to be the perfect couple, no one could tell us otherwise, you where just my type, even had your mother's eyes, 5?3' with Dark hair and some coacoa butter thieghs, it was just me and you, untill you messed around with other guys, you broke my heart, now i'm wishing that we never met, you stole my love then disappeared, oh what a clever theft! I'll never rest cuz I see you when I close my eyes, so many times you decieved me, told me only lies, Those phony cries and fake tears have lost thier ill effect, although I wont be fooled again, with love I'm still a wreck, so lost and cold I've ended up drowning in my sorrow, I'm so depressed and frowning like no tomarrow! i've built up a defense not to be hurt again, and it'll take alot more just to trust your word again, but we're still friends and you know that will never change, girl, you hurt me bad but I still love you and its very strange! [chorus]x2 (verse 3, slantize) I never thought a girl could ever make me feel this way I hear ya voice every minute, every single day I feel ya touch every moment that my eyes close When are we gonna be together, only time knows If only time froze, then we wouldn't cry, no It wasn't meant to be, now I gotta die slow It's like a part of me is never gonna come back My soul is like a car, and my tires gone flat You were the one, or I thought, till we separated And wonder why, if we really shoulda ever dated I really want my heart returned to me, damn you I'm still thinkin of the times that we been through I can't stand it, every damn second on this planet Gotta have you back, I been takin you for granted I can't breathe without air in my life and world And it was you that I needed, you're my type of girl
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