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This has a little Jazzy-Pop feel, sort of like John Mayer or a throwback to Bobby Caldwell's "What You Won't Do For Love." I tried to parallel the emotion behind the story in Danny Santiago's book (see 'Story Behind The Song'). PRO RECORDING
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Evyn Charles
2004 Evyn Charles
April 07, 2018
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Story behind the song
Inspired by the 1990 book of same name by Danny Santiago about a kid from East LA who finds his own voice and artistic identity under difficult circumstances.
There are walls in the city Where people go to write their name Often they get washed away Some say it's just graffiti But that’s how I testify To the love I feel inside We’re gonna be famous All over town Everyone will know Your name and mine I’m doing it for us And when I’m done You won’t have to ask We’ll be famous all over town There are days when you wonder If I will always feel the same And my words get choked away It’s never easy To make sure you realize I will never change my mind We’re gonna be famous, etc… ‘Cause there are times when telling you is not enough I've got to show the world Cover up every single wall And when you see it you will know We’re gonna be famous, etc…
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