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Road Rage (Incubus Parody)
Yeah... I get angry when I drive. Wanna fight about it?
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August 10, 2010
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Story behind the song
The original song always bugged me (Incubus seems to bug anyone who listens to them) because it was about driving but they were beating around the bush. My song doesn't beat around the bush it drives straight over the bush to get to its destination, yelling and screaming and throwing up the middle finger all the way there. This song won in Artistry Round 13 about 2 or 3 years ago and now I finally recorded it. Way to stay current, eh?
Sometimes I feel the rage build I blare my horn so you hear My cry ?Hey! Assh*le go to Hell!? ?How ?bout you take that wheel And shove it up your rear!? I?m a sure swell guy until? ?This bastards in my lane!? ?Slowpoke! What?s your deal!? I have no time To deal with this guy Stomp the gas and tires squeal Whenever the siren rings I?ll be there ?Sir put your hands upon the hood? ?Damn? Whenever you hear a horn I?ll be there (That?s my dare) When I drive I glare the evil eye Or I flip the bird and thrive Well I?m Not known to b*tch and whine But bad words arrive (Sh*t! F*ck! D*mn!!!!) I drove like this before Cause it?s the way I?m trained Yes, My father liked to shout But lately I?m Beginning to find That where I drive people are scared to route Whenever it?s dark my brights Will shine there To cause you harm within your eyes Yeah I?ll make you apply your breaks Be prepared (Just be scared) (Loud honking and swearing during the guitar solo) When I cruise ?F*cker the road?s mine!? You won?t stay alive However I make you peeved I?ll do it I?ll ride your trunk and make you cry Yeah Your hot sports car just got keyed Well, My bad Well, My bad? Bwa ha ha! Bwa ha ha! Bwa ha ha ha ha!!! You moron! Bwa ha ha ha ha!!! Bwa ha ha! Bwa ha ha! Bwa ha ha ha ha!!! You moron-on-on-on!!!
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