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Wisdom's Ways
if your ways are ways of Pleasantness & all your paths are Peace u are the representation of Wisdom music by Nils-Ole Finbak http://www.soundclick.com/nilsolefinbak
Acoustic - Acoustic Vocals
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August 07, 2010
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Story behind the song
can't remember the exact reason i went to this song, but i contacted nils-ole on a Saturday morning and asked if i could use one of his best. he said yes but said he did not have the original. later that day he re-recorded the song and sent me the final. wow!!! he really blessed my soul & i know he sure is getting a lot of points above. i have been blessed by many people on soundclick but to take the time to re-record a work or go out of your way for some one else is to die to self. thanks so much !!!
look up the lyrics yourself : - ) hint, they are in Proverbs... peace
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