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Storm Bringer
I would do anything for you Duane Allman, but I won't do that.
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Metal - Progressive Metal
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Brad O
Brad O
August 05, 2010
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7:18 minutes
Story behind the song
Part 1: "Overcast" Part 2: "Lupine" Part 3: "The Knife Is So Cold" Outro: "After Shower" I wrote this at first as an attempt at a short acoustic instrumental intended mostly as an interlude to another song. However, after trying it in a few different forms, it only made sense to make it into a complete song unto itself. Over the course of two or three days and nights, the riffs just kept coming and it began to grow into a bit of monster. I honed it a bit and after many hours, I have created what I feel is one of if not the best song Ive done to date. In addition to the heavily Southern-inspired riffs, I am very proud of the guitar tone which was achieved by just plugging straight in and turning up. LOUD. Of course, being that this is my first pure instrumental song, there are no lyrics. But that is not to say that there is not a story behind the title and subtitles. At first, the working title was "Masamune," as it was an intended prelude to my song "Shogun Assassin," however, after it developed and I rerecorded everything, the title didn't seem appropriate for the sonic content of the song. Thankfully, inspiration has a sneaky way of striking in unusual forms. After, I finished recording, a large thunderstorm rolled over my house. It as pouring hard and the boom of the thunder were getting closer. Soon, the power went out. I felt like this was a sign that the song should be about the power of a storm, hence, "Storm Bringer." The subtitles came as a result of the somewhat incongruous nature of the song. Each part has its own personality, and the song as a whole contains sounds from several genres. Of course, "Overcast" is just intended to describe the acoustic intro. Everything after this, and before the heavy bridge riff could just be considered "Storm Bringer," while the bridge is "Lupine." The word lupine is defined as "something which is wolf-like." Basically, the sound of the slide guitar in certain parts of the bridge reminded me of a wolf howling. The main riff int his part has a bit of a swagger as well which could contribute to the wolf like nature. To take it a step further, I consider the mythological "Storm-Bringer" to be an unnatural wolf who rides down on a black cloud during a storm. Lastly, "The Knife Is So Cold" describes the doomy riff which follows the "rain" section after "Lupine." Its just a phrase that came to mind, and it seems to describe the sound pretty well. The outro was an after thought, but I really like the calming sound of it. Almost like the feeling after the passes and everything is recovering.