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Story of a soldier who came back from the war with wounded legs and a wounded spirit. He was "Decorated" and still loves his country but his "dreams have faded." PRO RECORDING
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Evyn Charles
Evyn Charles
May 06, 2015
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Story behind the song
I was uncomfortable with the emotional extremes that the war in Afghanistan and Iraq has evoked. I found that my feelings were in a less well-defined area. That is also the sense I got from returning soldiers I spoke with. There is a line in the song when the soldier is feeding ducks at the lake that goes "I've shot a few of them in my days, now I'm leaving all the killing to somebody else." He still sees the necessity to fight evil, he's just done more than his share.
I was decorated in the war Took some bullets, now I don’t walk too good no more At least I made it on back home Guess that’s a good thing, sometimes I’m not so sure There are days that I can’t tell If I’m colder than ice or hotter than Hell I got plastic bones in my legs I got a beautiful letter from the President I was decorated We all celebrated But my dreams have faded Feels like my life was wasted I was decorated… There’s a lake a few miles out of town In the weekdays, you never see anyone I usually sit there in my car I blast my music, nobody says "turn it down" And if my legs don’t hurt too much I walk out to the water and feed the ducks I shot a few of them in my days Now I’m leaving all the killing to somebody else I was decorated,  etc…
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