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heavy guitar driven tune with a chorus that fries the larynx! scream along and see how long it takes you to lose your voice and, perhaps, your mind!
Single - $0.75
Album - $6.00
Rock - Guitar Rock
Previous peak charts position #649
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #71
words & music - Michael Trapp
2005 bliss(this) music
February 15, 2004
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128 kbps bitrate
4:26 minutes
Story behind the song
the motivation? - i don't know, some pissed off at the world moment. the lyrics are about how the world loves to get in the way of a couple that doesn't quite fit in yet are totally meant for each other. you decide if it's about interracial, inter-religious, homosexual, inter-class, or inter-any type of couple. people just can't seem to mind their own business. but if the couple is strong enough... these are the relationships that actually seem to last.
you and me - we make sense... I guess... I just don't know why... you, complete, my dark side, my wild dreams... I can't conceive of a way to break us down... everybody wants you under control... they strip away the sins that make up your soul... they try and bring you down... clean you up and drown... the evil inside... you realized, that a long time's just too long... swear that you'll never change a thing for me... you and me we're terrified, how the signs of our lives coincide... climb aboard my life we'll fly away... you and me, so severe, so it seems... trying the right thing only brought us down...
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