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Hard To Say Goodbye
Smooth Semi Acoustic rocker.
Single - $1.00
Rock - Rock General
Previous peak charts position #123
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #34
John Fiore
December 30, 2012
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320 kbps bitrate
4:39 minutes
Story behind the song
State of affairs at the present. I've lost way too many loved ones. Just seems to have accelerated lately.
yesterday has come and gone Just the wink of an eye Smiles that waited patiently Well time was on our side All the love and all the fear Faces in the dark Drifting through another year But we never seem to drift apart Find me a place where I just won't care Feel the sand on my feet and the wind in my hair Watching the crashing waves as they bring in the tide Far beyond the city lights Simple days and easy night Tell me Why is it so hard To say goodbye Nobody told me it would be this way Nobody told me to run How can I keep the flame alive When I never seem to see the sun The ones I love who surrounded me Where have they gone They left me here with thier memories But life keeps moving on Stay inside the rain is falling Think of it all and I sigh It's always been so hard to say goodbye Well where are you now that the sky is falling I need you to tell me why It's always been so hard to say goodbye Inside the rain is falling My little piece of the sky Sing my song And I hang my head to cry Well where are you now that the sky is falling I need you to hear your sigh You know it's always been so hard to say goodbye............. Somehow we find the strength to live Keep the dream alive working tonight but it's hard to think Sit back and close my eyes Wishing that I wasn't missing you It's so hard to say goodbye.
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