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Shogun Assassin
A samurai's final act for honor, vengeance, and love.
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Metal - Heavy Metal
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Brad Olsen
Brad O
July 30, 2010
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Story behind the song
The words "Shogun Assassin" came to me when I was on vacation in Florida. I was at my grandparents house looking through a book called "The Complete History of The World," or something like that. Being somewhat fascinated by Feudal Japan and Asia, I eventually found my way to the section on Japanese history. I read through the entire section learning about the Samurais, the Bakufu, Japans militaristic ruling body headed by a Shogunate, and the many civil wars. From reading this, I was inspired to write this song.
Shogun Assassin by Brad Olsen Fights to free our sons now that he has turned from the holy guard. He`ll attack the one he served. Samurai Assassin bathes his knife in blood. On the night before he strikes a kiss for the wife he loved. He will not fight this war. Forgotten promise sealed the shoguns fate. Escaped blades of mad men but this vengeance will not wait. Run you from your chamber Shogun. Run you out of breath. Hide behind your victims pleas though you know he brings you death. Child lost to your war. Samurai Assassin drags him down the stairs. Spills his throat and leaves him spitting. Knows his time is short. Shogun Assassin bears the emperors mark. Bodies draped in iron surround him ready with spears sharp. Removing sword from sheath at side he readies to pierce his chest and die. Loyal warrior to the emperors throne. For the honor he fought and died alone. Weeping widow bursts into hall. She falls to her feet and begins to crawl to his body now dead on the ground. She gathers him up and curses aloud: Burn this place thats taken my loves. First my son though he was young. Now samurai, you rest in peace. Your duty is done and soon well meet. Shogun!