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I'ma Do Me ft. Legend & Marka
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Lyrics: Strife & Legend - Beat: Nine Diamond
July 22, 2010
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(Chorus: Marka) (Verse 1: Strife Divine) People ask me to change, they say I'm not relevant, But Strife is his own man, that should be evident! I stand on my own two whatever I go through, I make this music for me and do what I want to! I will not change, just to make a few bucks, I love the underground, cuz on top the view sux! I don't need a manager, discreet I'll damage yah, I'm the type to whoop your ass and get it all on camera! I stay true to my convictions, through these rhyme dipictions, Discription's are non fiction the sickness is my perscription! I need a verse a day just to keep the hurse away, I, live in the shadows and proceed to curse the day! So I say again, I'm never gonna change, Headin down the same road, forever switchen lanes, Movin past the opposition, I outlast the compitition, With extensive wordplay, such a vast composition! (Chorus: Marka) (Verse 2: Legend) I'ma do me, always have, always will, always going to So I laugh, so I chill, but I hear, what you say dude Saying do this, saying say that, saying write this, I don't play that Cause I do me, got my own style, so take that, then playback I got that legend flow, that radio, intergalactic While you biting my verses, allright son, "you can haaaave it" I'm a giving man, a get-em man, I'ma get at man So come on over, just try to steal a verse again I'm superior lyrically, my experience carries me I'm empirically tearing em, while you straight up embarrass em Cuz I'm spitting that true flow, while you spitting out fallacy But its ME that you know, and its YOU that I've NEVER SEEN Saying (Legend-wanna-switch-it-up) because ya flow is the same I tell em (man-and-ima-switch-it-up) when I'm kicked out of the game Because my flow is what made me, and it brought me to the ladies (So bring it, I'ma sing it, I'ma change wit my name, and if you dont like it, f*** you, pay me) (Chorus: Marka)
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