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Goose Creek
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The original Jack Boys at their jammin' best.
Acoustic - Acoustic General
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Robert M. Gustafson
July 11, 2010
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Story behind the song
.....90% true.....
The telephone rang the other night, must've been about eight o'clock. I was sitting home, nothing going on and it felt like time had stopped. Through the magic of the copper came an old familiar voice. he said change your shirt Hoss, put on some shoes I'm afraid you have no choice. You remember Uncle Charlie? Well he finally passed away. They sealed his ashes in a mason jar and they shipped him here today. So I'm calling everyone he knew and according to his will. We're gonna take him down for one last round at the Goose Creek Bar and Grille. So the people started gathering. A couple dozen maybe more. Then the whiskey started flowing and they were stacked up out the door. Every guy that he'd owed money and every gal he'd ever kissed were gonna have one on old Charlie, It was a party not to miss. They lined up at the jukebox and the music filled the place. We hit the floor with nothing more than a total lack of grace. It was Maybelline and Blue Suede Shoes and the Whiskey River stomp. Sally tipped a bottle and Timmy tipped a table when it turned into a romp. At three o'clock the barmaid, she put Charlie on the shelf. She slipped out back, tossed us the keys, said lock up for yourselves. And we'd have done exactly that but we could not find the door. There were way too many pilgrims who were passed out on the floor. Some time the next morning, I know I finally made it home. As far as I remember, they still were going strong. So if you missed Charlie's party, and wanna say goodbye to him. You can find him down on the Goose Creek shelf sittin' 'tween Jack and Jim.