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This Is Our Time,Just a Little Talk Mix
Single - $1.00
Album - $7.00
Electronic - House
Previous peak charts position #216
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #23
Leonard Hicks - Willa'sBoiLenMusic/BMI
July 10, 2010
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MP3 11.6 MB  •  172 kbps  •  9:27
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1.Verse I once was lost deep in sin, but Jesus reached down and took me in just a little light, just a little light filled my soul, filled my soul, and wrote my name above, and he filled my heart with love. So just a little talk with Jesus, just a little talk with Jesus, it will make it right. Backgroung: It's our time Chorus: This is our time it's our time this is our time, our time. Ad Lib: 2.Verse So join together, and make that stand,join hands, now get on the floor and dance. For this is our time, it's our time to move and dance. Repeat Chorus: Background: Move and dance Special: So join together, and make that stand, get on the floor and work just work that body, pump that body, for it's out time
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