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stupid people
Stupid people
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HipHop - Hip Hop General
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Bobericc of Grape Dutch Entertainment
Grape Dutch Entertainment 2010
July 02, 2010
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stupid hip hop they say I got the best bars, the worst bars, the rests off a third burn, thinking too hard inturn turned there heads soft wish washed like your hopes are just drained away, make the most of whats made today, you wont become known of the raining rain til you shown as the basic same. Evolving elements age with grace don't stay to chase what people claim is great with ranging taste the flaming gates irradiate the pain that's caged in your fist it's the nature of this- pyre fog containing rage in the mist, the bait in your face to be bit, too late retracing your steps stuck healing your gut feeling, til the safer haven is swept fakers faking their rep, I always am considered sacred unless I'm breaking the pact I made one day.. that I'd make it, was met zens overtaking my sense, making amends with covering cheaters pushed by punishing secrets, but just a bunch of under achievers- retards and stupid people.. Chorus down to the wire it's your world on fire you stupid people, stupid people x2 can you save yourself then save the world its your world (your world) x1 have a world on fire who'll save you stupid people? in a stupid world these hateful streets, chained up, set the forsakened free mustard gassing anothers passion for their race and creed incapably chasing deeds for forgiveness and understanding committed to a commission, for convincing the other bandits till the numbers shearless, banished, the sums unsparing seeming dumb, but thinking sharp enough to cut a lancet my thoughts are frantic, i'm just saddened with hate good habit's erase barrels and tanks of hazardous waste the lack of our brains is whats the matter with sane we just can't seem to escape, the wrong but "easier way" we're trapped in a game, our immediate weekly repeat or will the people who think leave our species extinct what we secretly seek, another illusion eagerly reached colliding lifestyles that make us stinging with heat the demon demeanor we mean, the godly features we bring teaching beliefs, a bunch of monsters dreaming a scheme I'm the keeper of keys, so when you hit a brick wall just remember theres one obstical you can't stop real talk, they drew in caligraphy, we're doomed in our history can fool us with anything, no more room for stupitidy.. the fuel with your enemy, is what we use in our energy and becomes a nuescence of many thieves, that senselessly light fuses to kill police.. eventually recruiting soon it's the next defeat, of refusing your sympathy.. yeah, stupid people, get stupid for listening!!!...