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Lunatic Encounter
This is a co-written project with Arturo Rangel, artist name xR2URO. HE did guitar and the rain FX, the lightning, the music box. I did the synth, bass, and drums.
Single - $0.25
Instrumentals - Game & Soundtrack
Previous peak charts position #5,419
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #210
Chee Zee and xR2URO (Arturo Rangel)
2010 Arturo Rangel and Connor Helms
July 02, 2010
MP3 4.3 MB
128 kbps bitrate
4:44 minutes
Story behind the song
Based off a 2000 Alaskan alien encounter.
I hate that smile, No, they are not owls. Its something more than illisions. I feel it inside of me Someone help me Pre Chorous: Hypnotized i live it agian Torment and pain begin Please hurry, i cant go on. Chorous: It cannot be, i have no control i only hear my voice With panic within Is someone there? I cant go on Please help Verse II: Get out of my head This cant continue Im losing my mind You are not my god , Get out Someone help me Pre Chorous II: I wake up; confusion Theyre coming for me I Cant move, what do you want from me Chorous: (Repeat) Outro: My mind darkenns But this is real, i know I can reassure Dont come for me I close my eyes... Theyre here.