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Fragile Bloom
Alternative - Alt Power Pop
Previous peak charts position #145
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #19
Icepac, Snoblogger, Harsichordian
June 20, 2010
MP3 5.1 MB
128 kbps bitrate
5:36 minutes
Story behind the song
The members of Remote Possibility were outraged when their former glockenspiel player (they fired him because he refused to grow his beard out, ZZ Top-style, part of the official RP dress code) reached the uppermost of the toppermost of success in pop music by becoming the chief songwriter for Lady Kaka. The hurtful thing was he refused to take their phone calls. They only wanted to congratulate him. And see if he could toss some work their way. So they wrote this song. That'll teach him!
Friendship is a fragile bloom that's crushed beneath the wheels of commerce and ambition do you no longer feel the need to share your insecurities and hopes and dreams with me since you've become successful I feel abandoned and I'm lonely Chorus: I thought we'd be best friends forever That we'd help each other I thought we'd grow old together I loved you like a brother When all is said and done and our ties are finally severed Nothing hurts like losing My best friend forever I don't know you anymore I can't read your face Someone new has come along The old one's been replaced I thought I would be happy when you finally got your break I had set my dreams aside and that was my mistake I no longer know myself I don't know who you are Two strangers in a strange land one a failure, one a star Chorus I don't know you anymore I can't read your face It seems you're looking right though me and that I have been erased I guess that I should say goodbye The way that you have done Accept that nothing stays the same And like the setting sun the lights gone out, the air's gone cold and everything is still I'm standing outside looking in and I guess I always will Chorus Finale