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A song about how we gain experience and wisdom through life.
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Pop - Beach
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Mike Pilling
Mike Pilling 2010
June 20, 2010
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EXPERIENCE by Mike Pilling c. 2010 V1 Go back in time inside your mind When mom and dad were dense If only they were as smart as you Life would all make sense But somehow as the years went by The smarter they became It wasn't them, you know it's you That gave this thing a name INST BREAK 4 BARS V2 Go back again, and entertain A thought that stands apart Something that made you seem so wise Something that gave you heart Was it luck or was it fate You knew just what to do It didn't always work that way A changing point of view CH Well we think we know all we've got to know But brother we ain't even close Cause experience is what we get, right after...right after We need it most INST BREAK 4 BARS V3 You live, you love, you laugh a lot Come home in the morning sun Seeems as if you'll live forever You've only just begun Then it seems everywhere you look Folks are going down Losing pride and losing lives It happens all around BRIDGE Overnight, decide to fight the fight We learn, we burn, hope to make it right CH FADE