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That One Song
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Ever play out? If so you've probably run into this guy
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Warren Wagner
Warren J. Wagner 2003
February 09, 2004
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Story behind the song
Everywhere that I've played out there's been at least one person who comes up and asks me to play "that one song". And that was about the best they could do describing what they wanted.
That One Song Vs. 1 Well the guy, he’s there in every bar Its been my pleasure to play And it always seems he has no place to go Much to my dismay He sits at the bar and he waits til ya start Before he says a word But halfway through your second song He just has to be heard CHORUS: Hey buddy play that one song You know the one I mean You know, its by that one guy That everybody’s seen Its my favorite song in the whole world It goes da da da da da da da da Come on buddy play that one song Back from when I was sixteen Vs. 2 Well he’s usally had about a quart and a half Of his favorite beer And he says he’s sure he knows you know it You played it once last year But he can’t remember a single line He says its somethin’ ‘bout love And the title is in the song somewhere And starts or ends with above Repeat Chorus: Vs. 3 Then you do your best to narrow it down To a dozen or so And he walks away pissed like you just killed his dog Cause you just didn’t know Which song it was that goes do do do do La di da da da And you wonder where they all come from And why there isn’t a law Repeat Chorus:
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