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Belle Cady
Written by Greg C. Brown, Janice Hopkins & Mark D. Preston (Marie Laveau meets Witchy Woman)
Blues - Country Blues
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Greg C. Brown, Janice Hopkins & Mark D. Preston
June 15, 2010
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Story behind the song
Saw a license plate with the words Bel Cadi on it. Thought it would make a great song title. So,.......
Belle Cady (Brown-Hopkins-Preston) Down on the Bayou, a swamp filled with cypress There's a winding path, that stays worn bare Traveled every night by eager young men Drawn into a temptress' lair A moss covered shack on stilts in low water A flickering light points the way Innocent hearts burnin' hot Like a pig at a cochon du lait CHORUS Belle Cady in the pitch black night Haloed by the glow of candle light Reaches deep down and finds a man Where a scared young boy began She's not just a woman, but a special kind of lady Everybody knows the name...Belle Cady Her family tree branched from up north in Quebec A hundred years or maybe more Never had more than a whole lot of pride..yeah But at least they'd know her name for sure They risk quicksand, snakes and gators Just for one night with Belle The moon hangs quiet, a silent witness She takes them under her spell REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE Mothers cry, "Stay outta dem woods, Dat woman, she be no good" Still they all seek her truth She's striking bargains with their youth REPEAT CHORUS Belle Cady, in the pitch black night Belle Cady, they know her name alright Belle Cady