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In My Head
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Thanks to my buddy Brian Fannin (www.brianfannin.com) for the lyrics and vocals!!! Guitars done with Boss GT8.
Rock - Hard Rock
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BenoA music - Brian Fannin lyrics
November 09, 2010
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Pre-Chorus Ask yourself what it's gonne be like all alone Ask yourself what it's gonna be like when you're not home Chorus Because The world doesn't roll around The world doesn't roll around The world doesn't roll around inside Your head Verse #1: Kinda dizzy in the afternoon My head is spinning, I'm all confused Could this be what you really mean? You say you want to run away again Say you want to find another friend Well there's something you've gotta do Pre-Chorus Chorus Verse #2: Remembering the last time you ran? Broken hearted wading through the sand Hate to see you down there once again Pick yourself up off of the floor No one can show you how make the score This is something you have got to do Guitar Solo Repeat Verse #1