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The Morphing Architecture Of..
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"I think I had an epiphany, a peek at how all this goes.."
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Electronic - Experimental Sounds
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May 30, 2010
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Story behind the song
Full name is "The Morphing Architecture Of The New England Vatican". This is a track from my RPM Challenge album for 2010. The full album can be found here: http://alonetone.com/amuc/playlists/the-loudest-silence-rpm I have weird dreams where your average New England city is juxtaposed with some holy Old World locale. The music and lyrics arose from that. A secondary meaning -- anybody who has been to Worcester knows its architecture is just like its weather -- walk two minutes in any direction, and it changes. It has always been this odd juxtaposition of unlike buildings that just don't seem to fit together. Credits [all samples from Freesound]: Definitely used: 27070_philippeb__gymnasium2.wav Drum sounds - may have used: 26888_VEXST__Kick4 -kick+snare-together.wav 443_TicTacShutUp_prac_snare_rimshot.wav 3151__robbiesurp__wfl3.5_med.wav 38152__JCambs1990_Ethnic_BDRUM.wav 38154__JCambs1990__Impact.wav
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