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The Prize
#6 on SoundClick.com's Other Alternative Charts. Nice story, nice moral - the whole "package." All our songs are only "Live" with no editing! Check out "Sticks Mandalay's" congas/bongos in time with the traps - nice touch "sticks!"
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Rock - Rock n Roll
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Dave Van Wormer
May 27, 2010
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Story behind the song
So, money's everything? Hum...... Andrew's path show's something quite different. What is a "prize?" Might depend on who's asking.
Verse 1: As I walked down the rocky path, the old man did recall. He'd left it there, the precious prize was hidden in the wall. And on his bed, before he died; I promised to believe, and I'd go there and get the prize and prove that he was right. Verse 2 The gold it gleamed, the diamonds shined - everything I need. I've lived a life of selfishness; of blatant want and greed. But had I seen the "note"he'd left, there lying on the floor: "Take some time to know & care!" I would have lived much more.
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