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Roll it Up!!!
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HipHop - Freestyle
Previous peak charts position #356
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #16
S. Sewell
August 03, 2010
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2:09 minutes
Hook Sum are livin' large and sum are livin' small, sum are living magnum, that's the biggest of em all! When you drive you buckle up so roll it up when u ball cuz if you don't then you might not be living at all!!! Repeat 2X If rap was a college, i'd be magnificent all day cut mad class, but still graduate magna cum laude then move to Houston where the magnolias tell me howday as they check my magnitude they say it's time to get rowday!!! just listen to the sounds play out of ya stereo magnify the volume speakers blow as you hear me flow here we go, this magnate's imperial i'm the magna carta liberate ya girl now she's bringin me cereal saying cheerio in her sweet English accent as i lay in bed in magnifico fashion she fixed me breakfast cuz to ecstacy is where her back went but with you she needs a magnifying glass to see passion i keep it smashin', the compressor, cuz backs i flatten melt tracks into magma spit sagas hotter than a dragon this magicians magic stick's livin large call me magnum and that's why i'm magnetic to all the ladies in my path son!!! Repeat Hook 2X