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Resolution in Blue
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Music for Microtonal Slide Piano - This is a piece based on utonal scales, that modulates up the otonality.
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Peak #56
Peak in subgenre #12
Prent Rodgers
February 05, 2004
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Story behind the song
This piece explored many different ideas. In no particular order:

1. Applying a frequency function table to a piano note, so that it slides up or down and has a vibrato at the end of the slide, much like a slide guitar.

2. Change the piano sound by applying an amplitude function table to notes. Some have a normal piano sound, some have a gradual crescendo, some are very truncated and dry, some have no attack, also like a country slide guitar.

3. There is more indeterminacy as the piece moves on. At first, almost everything is scripted, but over time, less and less is specified, until at the end, almost anything is possible.

I just finished reading Kent Wheeler Keenan's book, "Counterpoint, based on eighteenth century practice", and attempted to use some of the ideas in the context of the Partch hexany.

5. The title of the song, by the way, is from the lead up to the Iraq war. in March 2003, the British Foreign Minister, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, was trying to rally the Security Council to create another resolution to endorse the impending attack. The French suddenly announced that they would veto any resolution put forward by Britain or the US, regardless of language. Sir Jeremy was quoted in the lobby of the U.N. building as saying, "Given this situation the co-sponsors have agreed that we will not pursue a vote on the draft UK-US-Spanish resolution in blue." Resolution in Blue is the diplomatic language for a permanent resolution. The security council decided to remain siezed of the matter, and the rest is history.

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