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One last ride (cyberjam)
A song for Bob´s uncle John made with Cyberjamers
Rock - Rock General
Previous peak charts position #444
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #69
February 04, 2004
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One last ride Fernando January2004 (for uncle John, from Fernando who has never had the pleasure to know him) This is for Uncle John the battle is over no more fights to fight no more pain to resist 90 jears full of life so much expereance wild storys, big voice He´s still here in rob´s mind no way was to long no wind to strong no see to large He stomped the earth He tought rob to swim He tought rob to drink! He bought him so many books More than he ever could read! John it seams you where a big man I had not the pleasure to know you now you´re sailing the ocean blue And man, God bless you!