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Rise Up Ye Women (2015)
Created for the 2006 Women's Equality Day celebration at NYU Law School
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Rock - Folk Rock
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Sandy Rapp
Sandy Rapp 2006
June 27, 2015
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Story behind the song
Quoted verbatim in The New Yorker – 11/13/06, “Rise Up Ye Women” was created for a 2006 Women’s Equality Day event at NYC Law School and updated in 2012 for a NYC Veteran Feminists’ salute to Kate Millett. www. SandyRapp.com.
Rise Up Ye Women © Sandy Rapp 2006 & 2012 It was a time of dark and sad song, Seven years with Bella been and gone. Among the leaders from the days of long ago, A troubled time had taken out its toll. And there was one, from Illinois. It’s told how Betty broke a new and grueling ground. She went marchin' in Manhattan up Fifth Avenue ya know; And she wrote a book that turned the world around. Chorus: Rise up ye women or the vintage it will fail, Cried old prophet Isaiah, so they say. And they rose up, the mighty women of a new and movin’ age; And they grew to be the prophets of their day. And there was one, from old Montgomery, She rode a bus to freedom it is told. She went marchin' by with Martin out of Selma long ago; And into history our Rosa rode. And there were two from Pennsylvania, Where liberty is rung from every bell. Molly Yard went marchin' to the rally in the sky; And C. Delores Tucker left as well, Repeat Chorus And let us sing, Coretta Scott King, For out from Alabama did she go. There was Bella’s scribe Mim Kelber; There was Wendy Wasserstein; We lost ‘em all within a year ya know. But we saluted those among us; Kate Millett took the world on with a pen. Sidney Abbot, Barbara Love, Chesler, Morgan, Gloria, They made the Second Wave for NOW and then. Repeat Chorus