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Remember Rose - Song For Choice
"Remember Rose" is about the first backstreet fatality of the 1977 Hyde Amendment cutoff of Medicaid Abortion funding.
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Sandy Rapp
Sandy Rapp 1989
July 10, 2018
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Story behind the song
Rapp has sung this song at hundreds of state, local, and national rallies. Listen for the guest vocal by the late Bella Abzug (D-NY).
REMEMBER ROSE: Song For Choice © Sandy Rapp 1989 Rosie Jimenez finally turned up dead; So the paper said in Texas. Finally turned up dead, after Medicaid Restrictions took her choice away. Televangelists and their politics Made Jenny Jimenez an orphan. Praying in the light, bombing in the night, They wave their roses red but Rose is dead. Chorus: Get your laws off me; I'm not your property. Don't plan my family; I'll plan my own. I don't want to be, In your theocracy; Remember liberty, Remember Rose. Many more will go by the way of Rose And the ones that went before her. Unless a course is set, present and direct, Because "a chill wind blows" And Rose is dead.