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An Original Song as performed by Steve and Ed. This is still a rough cut and plan on working it out some more, maybe at some time? :)
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Steve Clark
May 04, 2010
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Whatever Hey, Over there, What ya Doina019 Today? Are you hiding out, or just have nothing to say? When I first knew you, youa019d look at me with innocent eyes - Now your undercover a013 Whatever Some folks they got it good, have furniture made of genuine wood Other people, not so much, Count on school to feed kids lunch Me, I just want a bottle, wrapped in a paper bag - Hoping things get better a013 Whatever Interludea026. Dona019t ya know my cara019s a beater, best I could afford as a Walmart Greeter Handing out little happy faces, work real hard, Ia019m going places Just livina019 the dream, listen to the Children scream - Does it matter? a013 Whatever